Interview with the former US Ambassador, William Itoh - Mar 97

Chamber President Rode the Rails to Success (TCCC President Peter van Haren) - Jun 97
Metallic_Orb62E4.gif (941 bytes) Interview with Canadian Ambassador, Bernard Giroux - Jul 98

Metallic_Orb62E4.gif (941 bytes) Interview with Dutch Ambassador, Laetitia van den Assum

Metallic_Orb62E4.gif (941 bytes) Interview with Australian Ambassador, William Fisher - Nov 98

Interview with the former Swedish Ambassador, Inga Erikkson Fogh - Jan 99

Interview with the former British Ambassador, James Hodge  - Jan 99

Metallic_Orb62E4.gif (941 bytes) Interview with Swiss Ambassador, Bernard Freymond - Feb 99

Interview with Danish Ambassador, Niels Kaas Dyrlund  - Jun 99
The Franco-Thai Chamber of Commerce - Feb 00
(An Interview with President Christian Jallabert)
The French Perspective
(An Interview with Ambassador Christian Prettre)
Part 1 - Mar 00
Part 2 - Mar 01
Part 3 - Feb 02
Born for the Business (The Regent GM)- May 01
Energizing the Trade Department
(An Interview with the Canadian Trade Commissioner Mike Ward)- Jun 01
The British Point of View 
(Interviews with British Ambassador Lloyd Barnaby Smith)
Part One - Jul O1
Part Two - Aug 02


  That Bartel Guy - Jan 98
Metallic_Orb62E4.gif (941 bytes) Peace, Peace at Last  - Feb 96
Metallic_Orb62E4.gif (941 bytes) It's Going To Happen - Dec 98

Amarin for All Seasons (An interview with Amarin Khoman) - May 98


  "Regent GM  Bill Black more Thai than the Thais" - Jan 98

  Nation's Environmental Team Captures Prestigious UN Award - Jul 98

Community Services of Bangkok - May 00


Grand Pacific Hotel - May 00
Part 1 - Cusioned in Comfort
Part 2 - Managing in the Heart of Sukhumvit 
Part 3 - Managing in the Heart of Sukhmvit Dutch Style
An Incomparable Adventure - May 00
(The Royal Garden Village - Hua Hin)

  Taking AIT in a New Direction  (Roger Downer) - Sep 98
Metallic_Orb62E4.gif (941 bytes) The Canadian Education Centre - Mar 99
Metallic_Orb62E4.gif (941 bytes) Seafild - Working for Democracy - Feb 00

South East Asia (photographs) by Brad Howatt
Nepal (photographs) by Brad Howatt

Liquid Laos by Dennis Duncan - Jun 00
A Traveler's Tale
(A Journey to Angkor Wat) by Kevin Allen
- Dec 00
King of the Swingers (Thailand's gibbons) by Mick Shippen - Mar 01
Metallic_Orb62E4.gif (941 bytes) In Search of a Good English Teacher  
by Bernie Rosenbloom - Sep 99
Private English Tuition Basics by Chris Gowland - Apr 00



Metallic_Orb62E4.gif (941 bytes) Making a Difference  
(An Interview with the late Tristan Jones) - April 95
"Want to help the poor? Attack Poverty at it's Roots" 
by Grahame Russell - Sep 00
Human Rights: Solution to, or Problem of Globalisation? or
Defining Human Rights: Whose Interpretation? 
by Grahame Russell - Nov 99
Columbia: Not a "Tragedy", Not a "Mistake", Not an "internal" conflict by Grahame Russell

Unending poverty, repression in Guatemala by Grahame Russell

Different Name, Same Expertise - Mar 01


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